Hinged window assembly

  • US 5,966,874 A
  • Filed: 12/24/1997
  • Issued: 10/19/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/30/1993
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1. A hinged vehicle window assembly suitable for use in a vehicle, said assembly comprising:

  • a glass sheet having inner and outer surfaces terminating in a peripheral edge defining a shape to fit within the window opening;

    a substantially opaque coating on a predetermined portion of said inner sheet surface, said opaque coating being adjacent to said peripheral edge along at least portions thereof;

    a hinge mounting area adjacent one edge portion of said peripheral edge, said opaque coating being included on said hinge mounting area;

    a hinge bonded to said opaque coating on said hinge mounting area and hingedly securing said glass sheet for movement between open and closed positions, said hinge having a bonding area of at least two square inches and an aspect ratio of at least one;

    said glass sheet having a surface area of at least 250 square inches;

    said bonding of said hinge to said opaque coating on said mounting area being sufficiently strong to withstand a straight pull test of about 150 pounds at a rate of about 25 millimeters per minute, said straight pull test being performed after soaking said window assembly in water for at least 100 hours, said water being at a temperature of about 80°


    an adhesive between said opaque coating and said hinge bonding area, said adhesive forming a joint bonding said hinge to said opaque coating such that there is no exposure of said hinge on said outer surface of said glass sheet whereby said hinge, when bonded to said hinge mounting area, is substantially hidden from view from said outer surface of said glass sheet by said opaque coating;

    said window assembly adapted for mounting such that when fitted within a generally vertical window opening of the vehicle body, said glass sheet will be generally vertically mounted and will be at least one of a side window, rear window, and lift gate window of the vehicle;

    said joint supporting the weight of said glass sheet without failure in a generally vertical position when subjected to severe vibration and extreme climatic conditions when mounted and used in the generally vertical vehicle window opening.

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