Method and system aiding medical diagnosis and treatment

  • US 5,974,124 A
  • Filed: 01/21/1997
  • Issued: 10/26/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/21/1997
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1. A method for improving and facilitating diagnosis and treatment of patients having medical conditions requiring long-term profiles of specific variables, said method including the steps ofusing at least one measuring device, periodically taking a measurement of at least one medically important variable that has been identified for a patient from a body of said patient;

  • ensuring said patient is separated from said at least one measuring device after taking each said measurement;

    inputting said at least one medically important variable as raw data into a primary computer system after said step of ensuring said patient is separated and recording said raw data in a mass storage device integrated with said primary computer system;

    compiling said raw data as data for said patient using the primary computer system, said data representing a history of values for said at least one medically important variable for said patient;

    receiving a request for data of one of said patients from by a medical practitioner that is treating said one of said patients; and

    outputting requested data for said one of said patients in the form of at least one of a chart and a graph to said medical practitioner;

    said step of inputting comprising one oftransferring said raw data to a remote computer comprising an ordinary general purpose personal computer, then transferring said raw data to said primary computer;

    telephoning an automatic telephone interface and employing one of speech recognition and touch-tone recognition software to input said raw data into said primary computer; and

    telephoning a live receptionist, speaking the raw data to said live receptionist for entry into said primary computer.

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