Reel-up and multi-functional handling device therefor

  • US 6,047,916 A
  • Filed: 03/16/1999
  • Issued: 04/11/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/16/1998
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1. A reel-up in a paper machine for reeling a paper web successively onto a plurality of reeling drums provided with cores to form finished reels of paper, the reel-up having an upstream end and a downstream end and comprising:

  • a pair of parallel lower rails extending from the upstream end to the downstream end and adapted to support opposite end portions of each of the reeling drums and to permit the reeling drums to move along the lower rails;

    a pair of parallel upper rails spaced above the lower rails and extending from the downstream end to the vicinity of the upstream end, the upper rails being adapted to support a stock of the reeling drums having opposite end portions arranged to move along the upper rails;

    a reeling station arranged immediately downstream of the upstream end proximate the lower rails and operable for reeling the paper web onto each of the reeling drums as the reeling drums are successively placed in the reeling station; and

    a multi-functional handling station situated at the downstream end for handling said finished reels of paper, reeling drums and cores, the handling station comprising;

    a drum-moving device operable to engage an end portion of the reeling drum in each said finished reel of paper positioned in the handling station and to remove the reeling drum from each said finished reel of paper, and further operable to insert the removed reeling drum into one or more empty cores aligned with the drum moving device;

    a lifting table constructed and arranged to successively receive and support each of the finished reels of paper, the lifting table being movable for aligning the reeling drum of each said finished reel with the drum-moving device to permit removal of the reeling drum therefrom, the lifting table being further movable to align one or more of said empty cores with the drum-moving device to permit insertion of the removed reeling drum thereinto;

    a core-feeding device operable for automatically feeding empty cores out onto the lifting table following removal of each of the finished reels of paper from the lifting table; and

    a lifting device operable to successively engage the end portions of each of the reeling drums provided with at least one empty core and situated on the lifting table, and to successively lift each of the reeling drums and deliver it to the upper rails.

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