Luggage case construction

  • US 6,050,374 A
  • Filed: 11/23/1998
  • Issued: 04/18/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/23/1998
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. In a luggage case of generally parallelepiped construction with a lid panel, a bottom panel and a continuous sidewall interconnecting the lid and bottom panels, wheel means mounted adjacent the interconnection of the bottom and sidewall panels at one end of the case and having mounting means extending within the case, a retractable handle at an opposite end of the case, and apparatus fixedly mounted within the luggage case adjacent the bottom panel for retractably receiving part of the handle, the improvement comprising:

  • a sheetlike fabric panel having a first major surface arranged in conforming relation to the inner surface of the sidewall and in covering relation to the bottom panel and contacting the handle receiving apparatus and wheel mounting means, and a second major surface facing toward luggage case carrying space said fabric panel including,a first strip portion extending about and affixed to the inner sidewall surface with a continuous edge portion extending partially over and spaced from the bottom panel inner surface, said strip edge portion enclosing a space of area substantially equal to the area of the bottom panel inner surface;

    a flap of area and geometry such as to be conformingly received within the space enclosed by said edge portion; and

    means for releasably securing said flap to said edge portion such that during such securement the panel first major surface is spaced from the bottom panel an amount merely sufficient to accommodate the apparatus for selectable receiving part of the handle.

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