Method for controlling refrigerant based air conditioner leaving air temperature

  • US 6,055,818 A
  • Filed: 08/05/1997
  • Issued: 05/02/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/05/1997
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1. A system including:

  • a refrigerant compressor having a suction inlet and a compressed refrigerant outlet,a housing,a first condenser comprising a reheat condenser located in said housing and a second condenser isolated from a main air stream flowing through said housing, each of said condensers having an inlet and an outlet for refrigerant, said first condenser inlet being coupled to said compressed refrigerant outlet,an electro responsive refrigerant flow-throttling valve having an inlet coupled to said outlet of the compressor and said valve having an outlet coupled to said inlet of the second condenser, said valve being controllable to increase and decrease the flow of refrigerant there through in accordance with the level of an electric signal applied to the valve, and a fluid flow conduit in parallel with said valve coupling the outlet of said first condenser with the inlet of said second condenseran evaporator having an inlet and an outlet for refrigerant and an expansion valve coupled to said inlet of the evaporator, said outlet of said second condenser being coupled to said expansion valve and said outlet of the evaporator being coupled to said suction inlet of the compressor,a motor driven blower positioned for drawing entering air through said evaporator and through said first condenser in the stated order for said blower to exhaust said air as leaving air,a programmable controller having signal input and output means with an output means coupled to said flow-throttling valve for controlling said valve,a temperature sensor for sensing the temperature of said leaving air and providing a signal to said controller representative of the leaving air temperature,sensor means positioned in the entering air stream for sensing at least one characteristic of a plurality of characteristics that define the condition of said entering air before the air passes over said evaporator wherein when a plurality of characteristics are sensed the dry bulb temperature is among the characteristics said sensor means producing a signal representative of a sensed characteristic, said signal being coupled to said input means of said controller,said controller utilizing one or more of said signals to determine if said evaporator should be activated to cool the airstream, and if the need for cooling is determined, said controller outputs a signal that causes said compressor to operate and outputs a signal for controlling said throttling valve to apportion the refrigerant discharged from said outlet of said compressor between said first condenser and said second condenser to thereby hold said leaving air at a selected temperature.

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