Method of PCR testing of pooled blood samples

  • US 6,063,563 A
  • Filed: 05/20/1998
  • Issued: 05/16/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/10/1995
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1. A method for uniquely identifying viral positive biological fluid donations in the fewest number of high-sensitivity test cycles, the method comprising:

  • providing a multiplicity of biological fluid donations;

    defining an n-dimensional matrix, where n is an integer, the matrix further comprising a multiplicity of elements, each element defined by an intersection of the n-dimensions of the matrix, each individual element identified by a respective matrix notation, the matrix notation comprising at least an index for each dimension of the array;

    taking a sample from each of the multiplicity of biological fluid donations;

    mapping each sample to a respective particular one of each element of the matrix, each individual sample identified by its corresponding element'"'"'s respective matrix notation;

    taking aliquots from each sample, the number of aliquots taken from each sample defined by the number of dimensions characterizing the matrix;

    forming subpools from the aliquots of each sample, each subpool containing an aliquot from all samples identified by a matrix notation in which one dimensional index is fixed, each respective subpool identified by said fixed dimensional index;

    providing the subpools to a high-sensitivity testing facility, wherein all of the subpools are tested for viral indication in a single high-sensitivity test cycle;

    determining the respective fixed dimensional indices of subpools which return a positive viral indication; and

    combining said fixed dimensional indices into a matrix notation, thereby unambiguously identifying a unique matrix element defined by the matrix notation, thus unambiguously identifying a uniquely viral positive sample.

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