High efficiency spread spectrum system and method

  • US 6,075,793 A
  • Filed: 02/06/1998
  • Issued: 06/13/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/06/1998
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1. A multichannel-spread-spectrum system for communicating a plurality of data-sequence signals from a plurality of data channels using parallel chip-sequence signals, comprising:

  • a header device, coupled to a first data channel of said plurality of data channels, for concatenating a header to a first data-sequence signal;

    a processor for synchronizing a remaining plurality of data channels to the header in the first data channel;

    chip-sequence means for outputting a plurality of chip-sequence signals, with each chip-sequence signal orthogonal to the other chip-sequence signals in said plurality of chip-sequence signals;

    a plurality of product devices, coupled to said chip-sequence means, for multiplying each of said plurality of data-sequence signals by a respective chip-sequence signal, thereby generating a plurality of spread-spectrum channels, respectively;

    a combiner, coupled to the plurality of product devices, for algebraically combining the plurality of spread-spectrum channels as a multichannel-spread-spectrum signal;

    a transmitter subsystem, coupled to said combiner, for transmitting the multichannel-spread-spectrum signal on a carrier frequency over a communications channel;

    a translating device, coupled to the communications channel, for translating the received multichannel-spread-spectrum signal from the carrier frequency to a processing frequency;

    a header-matched filter, coupled to said translating device and having an impulse response matched to the header, for detecting, at the processing frequency, the header in the multichannel-spread-spectrum signal, and for outputting, responsive to detecting the header, a header-detection signal;

    a receiver processor, coupled to said header-matched filter, responsive to the header-detection signal, for generating control and timing signals; and

    a plurality of data-matched filters, coupled to said translating device, with each data-matched filter having an impulse response matched to a respective chip-sequence signal of the plurality of chip-sequence signals, for despreading the received multichannel-spread-spectrum signal as a plurality of received spread-spectrum channels, respectively.

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