Coin sorting apparatus

  • US 6,099,401 A
  • Filed: 01/26/1998
  • Issued: 08/08/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/12/1997
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1. A coin sorting apparatus comprising:

  • a hopper for receiving a plurality of unsorted coins;

    a coin separating mechanism for dispensing coins from the hopper onto a ramp, said ramp including a plurality of spaced differently sized apertures formed therethrough such that each coin on the ramp passes through one of said differently sized apertures and is deposited onto one of a plurality of spaced coin chutes according to its diameter;

    a baffle member extending over said plurality of coin chutes and defining a slot with each of said coin chutes such that coins conveyed on each chute pass respectively through each of said slots with sliding movement on one of a front coin face and a rear coin face;

    a coin wrapper collar assembly for releasably securing an open upper end of each of a plurality of coin wrappers adjacent a respective one of said plurality of coin chutes;

    a coin wrapper base assemble for supporting a lower end of each of said plurality of coin wrappers, said coin wrapper collar assembly and said coin wrapper base assembly together operatively supporting said plurality of coin wrappers to receive sorted coins directly from said plurality of coin chutes;

    an open coin overflow tray protecting outwardly from said coin wrapper base assembly for receiving coins that fall downwardly after sliding over a top of a filled one of said sorted coin chutes; and

    ,an overflow coin deflector surrounding a forward region of said collar assembly in a spaced relationship therewith and vertically spaced above the open overflow coin tray such that the collar assembly and the deflector together define an open overflow coin passage therebetween, whereby said deflector directs overflow coins downward through said overflow coin passage into said open overflow coin tray.

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