Game controller with analog pressure sensor(s)

  • US 6,102,802 A
  • Filed: 10/01/1997
  • Issued: 08/15/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/01/1997
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. An improved controller of the type held in two hands simultaneously for controlling electronic imagery, said controller including a housing, a plurality of depressible surfaces at least in-part exposed on said housing with the depressible surfaces acting on electricity manipulating devices contained within said housing and controlled by depression of said depressible surfaces for manipulating electrical outputs at least useful for controlling electronic imagery;

  • wherein the improvements comprise;

    at least one of said electricity manipulating devices is a pressure-sensitive variable-conductance sensor for creating an analog electrical output proportional to varying physical pressure applied to at least one depressible surface of the plurality of depressible surfaces;

    means for outputting a signal to an image generation machine, said signal at least representational of said analog electrical outputs;

    the at least one said sensor includes pressure-sensitive variable-conductance material means for changing electrical conductance defendant upon the pressure applied;

    a resilient dome cap operatively associated with said pressure-sensitive variable-conductance material means.

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