Filter cloth, filtering process, and filtering device for liquid filtration

  • US 6,103,132 A
  • Filed: 12/16/1998
  • Issued: 08/15/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/19/1996
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1. A process for filtering liquid, comprising the steps of:

  • a. guiding a flow of liquid to be filtered through a filter cloth having a supporting fabric (20) and a pile made of pile threads (21) on the side against which the liquid flows;

    said flow of liquid causing the pile threads (21) to be flattened toward the supporting fabric (20) and to form a spacial filter having angled and multiply curved flow channels;

    b. back washing the filter cloth at time intervals by moving a suction bar (13) having a suction slit (17) over said filter cloth on the pile thread side thereof and causing the suction bar to exert a suction force to create a back washing flow by sucking the liquid through the filter cloth;

    said back washing flow causing the pile threads (21) in the area of the suction slit (17) to be straightened up to a position directed away from the supporting fabric (20);

    c. subjecting said pile threads (21), prior to entering the suction slit, to a mechanical retaining action which retains the pile threads (21) in their flattened position against the fabric and prevents them from straightening up; and

    d. abruptly releasing the pile threads (21) from said mechanical retaining action upon partial entry thereof into the suction slit whereby the pile threads (21) are caused to straighten abruptly within the suction slit.

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