Continuous monitoring of reinforcements in structures

  • US 6,170,334 B1
  • Filed: 07/13/1998
  • Issued: 01/09/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/25/1993
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. An apparatus for detecting the location of failure of a tensioned reinforcement in a structure comprising(a) a plurality of detectors positioned about the structure in a known arrangement and in close proximity to the structure, the detectors being responsive to acoustic energy or seismic energy or a combination thereof to produce a signal;

  • (b) a processor comprising means for identifying whether a signal is caused by failure of a tensioned reinforcement in the structure;

    (c) means coupling said means for identifying each one of said detectors so that the central processor means receives signals from said detectors along with identification of the detectors sending such signals, (d) timing means for determining the relative time of arrival of the energy from a signal due to failure of a tensioned reinforcement at each of at least two such detectors;

    (e) calculating means associated with said central processor means to calculate the origin of such signal from its relative time of arrival at said at least two detectors and (f) reporting means to indicate the failure of a tensioned reinforcement at said origin.

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