Compact screw-in fluorescent lamp

  • US 6,172,464 B1
  • Filed: 02/24/1995
  • Issued: 01/09/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/14/1980
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1. An arrangement comprising:

  • a screw-base inserted into and held by a lamp socket adapted to accept and hold an ordinary household incandescent light bulb;

    the screw-base having base terminals and being otherwise characterized by having a central screw-base axis around which the outer boundary of the screw-base forms an approximately cylindrical surface;

    the lamp socket having socket terminals at which is provided AC power line voltage such as that normally provided from an ordinary electric utility power line;

    a fluorescent lamp having lamp terminals;

    the fluorescent lamp being characterized by including at least two straight cylindrical light-emitting glass-enclosed sections disposed parallel to each other as well as to a central lamp axis;

    a lamp terminal being disposed at one end of each of the two straight cylindrical light-emitting glass-enclosed sections;

    the other ends of the two straight cylindrical light-emitting glass-enclosed sections being connected together via a transversely disposed light-emitting glass-enclosed section;

    said transversely disposed section being of a maximum dimension substantially no longer than just sufficient to reach between said other ends;

    electronic sub-assembly having power input terminals connected with the base terminals and power output terminals connected with the lamp terminals;

    the sub-assembly being operative, whenever supplied with AC power line voltage at its power input terminals, to supply an alternating lamp current to the lamp terminals;

    the alternating lamp current being of frequency distinctly higher than that of the AC power line voltage;

    the sub-assembly being additionally characterized by not including a transformer having a primary winding connected across the power input terminals;

    the electronic sub-assembly being further characterized by including two terminals across which exists a DC voltage having a substantially constant absolute magnitude that is distinctly higher than the peak absolute magnitude of the AC power line voltage; and

    structure means operative to hold together the screw-base, the fluorescent lamp, and the electronic sub-assembly, thereby to form an integral screw-in lamp structure characterized by having an overall longitudinal axis parallel with the central screw-base axis as well as with the central lamp axis.

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