Network gaming system

  • US 6,183,366 B1
  • Filed: 06/26/1998
  • Issued: 02/06/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/19/1996
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1. An apparatus for presenting one of products and services while providing an interactive informational service on a network, comprising:

  • an advertising selector for determining, for each of a plurality of users, a corresponding advertising presentation, from a plurality of advertising presentations, to present to the user at a corresponding node of the network, wherein each of at least some presentations of said corresponding advertising presentations is unrequested and is used for presenting information about at least one of a product and a service;

    a service providing computational system for providing a first of the users with a requested corresponding instance of the informational service, wherein the instance includes a plurality of user interactions, via the network, with the service providing computational system;

    a combiner for obtaining combined data, wherein said combined data is a result of combining said corresponding advertising presentation with data for displaying at least a portion of said corresponding instance, said corresponding advertising presentation including at least one network link for identifying another presentation related to said corresponding advertising presentation, said network link associated with a corresponding one or more locations on a display of said corresponding advertising presentation, wherein a user input indicative of at least one of said locations activates said network link for presenting said another presentation;

    wherein said service providing computational system provides substantially a same informational content regardless of which of said advertising presentations are combined therewith;

    a network interface for (a) and (b) following;

    (a) transmitting, via the network, said combined data to the first user for display during user interactions with said corresponding instance;

    (b) receiving, from the first user, one or more user data items indicative of an action in response to said combined data being presented;

    one or more user response processing modules for one or more of;

    evaluating an effectiveness of said corresponding presentation, and obtaining another one of said advertising presentations for providing to said combiner, said processing modules receiving said one or more user data items.

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