Trash container system

  • US 6,199,803 B1
  • Filed: 01/16/1998
  • Issued: 03/13/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/16/1998
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A trash container and emptying system for disposing of refuse, comprising:

  • a trash bag holding device securable to a vertical or near vertical surface, having an at least generally flat, surface securement portion and a trash receptacle bag holding portion with laterally extending, side ends generally forming a “


    shape; and

    an associated trash receptacle bag for storing therein refuse having a bottom and a top, a resilient, elastomeric, inlet mouth at the bag'"'"'s top having a predetermined collapsed contour couplable to said trash bag holding device by being extendable over, above and about said laterally extending, side ends and then inherently moving inwardly above and past said side ends under its elastomeric properties, a proximal side and a distal side, with the distal side being closer to said surface securement portion of said bag holding device when said trash receptacle bag is coupled to said bag holding device, and a sealable refuse discharging outlet located at said bottom of said trash receptacle bag for discharging therefrom the refuse;

    said trash receptacle bag hanging down from said holding device when said resilient, elastomeric, inlet mouth is coupled to said trash bag holding device above and about said laterally extending, side ends, allowing trash to be inserted into said bag when the user inserts refuse through said inlet mouth by moving said proximal side of said inlet mouth orthogonally away from said bag holding portion of said bag holding device, while allowing said trash bag to be easily remove from said trash bag holding device by stretching said inlet mouth sideways past and away from the ends of said laterally extending, side ends.

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