Remote controller with analog button(s)

  • US 6,208,271 B1
  • Filed: 09/04/1998
  • Issued: 03/27/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/04/1998
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. An improved hand-hold-able remote controller structure for controlling a host device, said remote controller of the type including a housing, an electrical power source, electronic circuitry within said housing connected to said power source and including an emitter for emitting function-control signals from said housing, a plurality of finger depressible buttons exposed on said housing and interfacing with sensors electrically associated with said circuitry for allowing user selection of function-control signals emitted for controlling a host device;

  • at least one of said sensors including a depressible dome-cap member and a pressure-sensitive variable-conductance analog material capable of providing at least three readable states of varied conductance, said states dependant upon depressive pressure applied to tho variable-conductance analog material through depression of at least one of said finger depressible buttons against the dome-cap member;

    wherein the improvement comprises;

    said circuitry including means for reading said at least three readable states said variable-conductance analog material and for emitting distinct function-control signals for each of at least two states of said at least three readable states, wherein, the user selects any of the selectable pressure levels, of a plurality of selectable pressure levels.

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