Computerized prepress authoring for document creation

  • US 6,247,011 B1
  • Filed: 12/02/1997
  • Issued: 06/12/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/02/1997
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1. A computerized prepress method comprising:

  • storing on a server computer a computerized prepress software system, wherein the prepress software system includes one or more document authoring tools and at least one prepress translation component, further wherein at least some of the authoring tools are downloadable to a client computer to be used to author an electronic document and the translation component is used to produce a prepress format file from an authored electronic document;

    wherein at least one downloaded authoring tool is a program that executes in the web browser and has one or more functions that can be used to create an electronic document, display the electronic document in WYSIWYG form to the user, and allow a user to select and edit at least one element of the electronic document while at least a portion of the electronic document is simultaneously displayed;

    the software system further configured to provide that the authoring tools create an electronic document using the client computer and that the client computer transfers the electronic document to the server computer in a form allowing the translation component executing on the server computer to create the prepress format file so that when the prepress format file is used to produce a document the document is consistent with the WYSIWYG form displayed to the user on the client computer, and so that the user need only be concerned with authoring the electronic document and not with the creating a prepress format file, and further so that the authored electronic document can be automatically processed by the server computer into a prepress format file;

    wherein the client computer is one of a plurality of client computers each including a web browser capable of interacting with at least one Internet web site addressed by a uniform resource locator (URL) and the server computer is one of at least one server computers connected to the plurality of client computers over the Internet;

    sending log-on information regarding a user from a client computer to the server computer over the Internet, wherein the user has profile data maintained by the server computer, and authenticating the user at the server computer;

    downloading one or more of the authoring tools from the server computer to the client computer;

    the user using at least one downloaded authoring tool at the client computer to create an electronic document;

    sending the electronic document from the client computer to the server computer;

    saving the electronic document in an internal format at the server computer;

    and using the translation component, translating the electronic document from the internal format to a different suitable prepress format file usable to produce a corresponding document on a printing device.

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