Signalling assembly

  • US 6,257,746 B1
  • Filed: 11/03/1998
  • Issued: 07/10/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/03/1998
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1. A signalling assembly comprising:

  • a semitransparent substrate which passes less than about 30% of substantially all visible light, and which further reflects less than about 80% of substantially all ambient light;

    a light emitting assembly which, when energized, emits electromagnetic radiation as visible light output of about 0.5 to about 120 candelas and which is passed by the semitransparent substrate, the light emitting assembly having a supporting substrate which is disposed in substantially parallel relation relative to the semitransparent substrate, and a plurality of light emitting diodes which are mounted on the supporting substrate and which are obliquely oriented relative to the semitransparent substrate;

    a substantially opaque light orientation assembly located adjacent to the semitransparent substrate and which substantially prevents the light emitting diodes from being visibly discernible through the semi-transparent substrate when the light emitting diodes are in a deenergized state, and wherein, the opaque light orientation assembly has an opaque substrate juxtaposed relative to the semitransparent substrate and disposed in partial covering relation relative to the plurality of light emitting diodes, and a light diverting substrate affixed on, and disposed in partial overlapping relation relative to the opaque substrate, and wherein the opaque substrate and light diverting substrate define an aperture in which the light emitting diodes are positioned, and through which the electromagnetic radiation may pass to reach the semitransparent substrate, and wherein the overall thickness of the opaque substrate, light diverting substrate, light emitting assembly, and supporting substrate is less than about 25 millimeters and has a weight of less than about 100 grams.

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