Disk storage device with improved spindle torque and acceleration

  • US 6,271,988 B1
  • Filed: 01/29/1999
  • Issued: 08/07/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/01/1997
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A disk storage device comprising:

  • a housing enclosing a clean chamber;

    at least one data storage disk located in the clean chamber;

    a read head for reading data recorded on said at least one data storage disk; and

    a motor for rotating said at least one data storage disk past the read head, the motor including a rotor having a disk mounting portion positioned in the clean chamber and coupled to said at least one data storage disk;

    a shaft located along an axis of rotation and affixed to said rotor for rotation therewith;

    a support member contiguous with said housing including a bearing support;

    first and second axially spaced bearings rotatably supporting said shaft and mounted within said bearing support;

    a stator surrounding said bearing support and positioned on (the same side) of said support member as said clean chamber, said stator having one or more poles and windings;

    a ring element affixed to said housing and extending over the stator, said ring element having an opening surrounding an outer periphery of said rotor; and

    an annular permanent magnet surrounded by the stator poles and spaced to form a substanially cylindrical air gap therewtih, and a ferromagnetic portion included as part of said rotor, wherein said ferromagnetic portion has a substantially cylindrical surface upon which the annular permanent magnet is mounted and a radially extending portion extending over and radially beyond the permanent magnet and covering at least a portion of the air gap, said permanent magnet being affixed to the rotor and arranged to interact with magnetic flux produced by the stator to drive the rotor and rotate said at least one data storage disk about the axis of rotation, wherein the disk mounting portion of the rotor includes a substantially cylindrical portion that extends through the opening of the at least one data storage disk, and the outer diameter of said permanent magnet is greater than the diameter of the circular opening of the at least one data storage disk, wherein the housing comprises a recessed portion having a substantially cylindrical wall surrounding the stator, and wherein the ring element is mounted on an end of said substantially cylindrical wall; and

    wherein the bearing support comprises a hollow cylinder supporting the bearings on an inner surface thereof, and wherein a substantially cylindrical portion of the ferromagnetic portion has an edge shaped to cooperate and complement a curved surface at a junction of the hollow cylinder and said housing.

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