Spread-spectrum communications utilizing variable throughput reduction

  • US 6,289,039 B1
  • Filed: 06/14/2000
  • Issued: 09/11/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/14/2000
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1. A spread-spectrum system comprising:

  • a demultiplexer for demultiplexing input data into a plurality of data channels;

    a plurality of forward-error-correction encoders and interleavers, coupled to said demultiplexer, for FEC encoding and interleaving the plurality of data channels as a plurality of FEC encoded and interleaved channels, respectively;

    a plurality of spread-spectrum processors, coupled to said plurality of FEC encoders and interleavers, for spread-spectrum processing the plurality of FEC encoded and interleaved channels as a plurality of spread-spectrum channels, employing a plurality of chip-sequence signals;

    a combiner coupled to said plurality of spread-spectrum processors, for combining the plurality of spread-spectrum channels as a code-division-multiplexed signal;

    a modulator for transmitting the code-division-multiplexed signal having the plurality of spread-spectrum channels, over a communications channel;

    a demodulator for translating the code-division-multiplexed signal to a processing frequency;

    a plurality of spread-spectrum despreaders for despreading the code-division-multiplexed signal into a plurality of despread channels, respectively;

    a multiplicity of adders, electronically controlled by an adder-control signal, for adding at least two despread channels to generate a multiplicity of added channels;

    a multiplicity of FEC decoder and de-interleavers, coupled to said multiplicity of adders, for generating a syndrome signal from an error rate of the multiplicity of added channels, and for FEC decoding and de-interleaving the multiplicity of added channels, and a multiplicity of decoded channels;

    a command processor, responsive the syndrome signal, for determining a desired-data rate, for generating a data-rate command signal having the desired data rate, for generating the adder-control signal for adding together a number of despread channels of the plurality of despread channels, and for generating a multiplexer signal having a number of decoded channels to multiplex together; and

    a multiplexer, coupled to said plurality of FEC decoders and de-interleavers and said command processor, for multiplexing the multiplicity of decoded channels and an estimate of the input data.

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