Automatic business and financial transaction processing system

  • US 6,289,319 B1
  • Filed: 11/30/1994
  • Issued: 09/11/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/24/1984
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. An automatic data processing system for processing business and financial transactions between entities from remote sites which comprises:

  • a central processor programmed and connected to process a variety of inquiries and orders transmitted from said remote sites;

    said central processor including;

    means for receiving information about said transactions from said remote sites;

    means for retrievably storing said information;

    at least one terminal at each of said remote sites including a data processor and operational sequencing lists of program instructions;

    means for remotely linking said terminal to said central processor and for transmitting data back and forth between said central processor and said terminal;

    said terminal further comprising means for dispensing information and services for at least one of said entities including;

    a video screen;

    means for holding operational data including programing, informing, and inquiring sequences of data;

    means for manually entering information;

    means for storing information, inquires and orders for said transactions entered by one of said entities via said means for manually entering information, and data received through and from said central processor;

    on-line means for transmitting said information, inquiries, and orders to said central processor;

    on-line means for receiving data comprising operator-selected information and orders from said central processor via said linking means;

    means for outputting said informing and inquiring sequences on said video screen in accordance with preset routines and in response to data entered through said means for entering information;

    means for controlling said means for storing, means for outputting, and means for transmitting, including means for fetching additional inquiring sequences in response to a plurality of said data entered through said means for entering and in response to information received from said central processor;

    said informing sequences including directions for operating said terminal, and for presenting interrelated segments of said operational data describing a plurality of transaction operations;

    said programming sequences including means for interactively controlling the operation of said video screen, data receiving and transmitting means; and

    for selectively retrieving said data from said means for storing;

    said means for storing comprising means for retaining said operational sequencing list and means responsive to the status of the various means for controlling their operation;

    said central processor further including;

    means responsive to data received from one of said terminals for immediately transmitting selected stored information to said terminal; and

    means responsive to an order received from a terminal for updating data in said means for storing;

    whereby said system can be used by said entities, each using one of said terminals to exchange information, and to respond to inquiries and orders instantaneously and over a period of time.

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