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  • US 6,289,460 B1
  • Filed: 12/06/1999
  • Issued: 09/11/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/13/1999
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A system for allowing predesignated users at remotely located computer-based systems to perform document management, comprising:

  • a public data network;

    a publication facility;

    a remote storage facility; and

    a document manager computer-based system coupled to said publication facility, said remote storage facility and said computer-based systems used by the predesignated users over the public data network, said document manager system comprising;

    local storage; and

    a processor coupled to the local storage, said processor comprising;

    an authentication component for authorizing access to users using said remotely located computer-based systems based on predefined security information;

    an electronic filing document registration component for registering a document and assigning a document process flow to said registered document, wherein said processor allows specific authorized users to perform one or more predefined actions against said registered document based on said assigned document process flow;

    a document archiving component for archiving a registered document at one of said local storage or said remote storage facility;

    a document content indexing component for indexing the content of the designated registered document;

    a searching component for searching the indexed content of registered and archived documents;

    a digital signature component for applying a digital signature to the registered document based on previously supplied digital certificate information and said assigned document process flow;

    an audit trail component for generating audit trail information relative to the registered document, said audit trail information comprises a record of users'"'"' accesses of the registered document and user actions performed against the registered document;

    a billing component for generating a bill based on said generated audit trail information of the registered document and predefined fee calculation information; and

    a document publication component for publishing the registered document at said publication facility.

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