Method of and system and apparatus for remotely monitoring the location, status, utilization and condition of widely geographically dispresed fleets of vehicular construction equipment and the like and providing and displaying such information

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  • Filed: 10/12/1999
  • Issued: 09/18/2001
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/12/1999
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1. In a vehicular equipment transponder-satellite communications link system wherein information sent by the transponders of vehicular equipments of a widely geographically dispersed fleet of equipments is relayed by the satellite to a ground station and thence via the Internet to an information-processing center, a method of providing processed information regarding several or all of the locations, utilizations, status and conditions of the vehicular equipments and in sufficient detail to enable efficiency management of the equipment, that comprises, inputting to the transponder at each equipment of the fleet, locally sensed parameter data of one or more of temperature, run hours, fuel level, battery voltage and other equipment engine parameters;

  • upon each equipment transponder receiving GPS signals, causing the transponder to transmit to the satellite information regarding its location and said locally sensed data;

    relaying said information from the satellite to a ground station and thence, via the Internet, to said center;

    signal-processing the related information at the center to effect it for one or more of graphical and tabular location display of the widely dispersed equipments and/or of optionally selected equipments, and optionally selected parameters, limits and conditions of said equipments, to provide processed information suitable to exercise management analysis of equipment utilization and operational efficiency; and

    communicating the processed information to the fleet manager for enabling improving said efficiency of utilization and operation, wherein the selected equipments and selected parameters and conditions thereof are distinctively displayed in different colors.

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