Method for fumigating perishables within a refrigerated cargo container

  • US 6,403,027 B1
  • Filed: 10/27/2000
  • Issued: 06/11/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/27/2000
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1. A method for fumigating perishables within a refrigerated cargo container, wherein said refrigerated container comprises of a pair of front and a pair of rear drain holes, an air exchanger, a pair of doors located at the rear of said container, and a refrigeration system, said method for fumigation comprising:

  • checking said container for any damaged areas;

    if damaged areas found, then sealing said damaged areas with a means for sealing said damaged areas;

    placing at least one fan within said container;

    clearing the pair of rear drain holes of said container;

    inserting through one of the rear drain holes a gas introduction hose, then connecting said gas introduction hose to one of the fans earlier placed within said container or to the fan earlier placed in said container;

    inserting through the other rear drain hole a plurality of reading lines for measuring the dispersion of fumigant within said container and an electrical line for powering said fans or fan;

    positioning said reading lines within said container;

    sealing the rear drain holes with a means for sealing the rear drain holes;

    plugging the front drain holes with a means for plugging holes;

    closing the air exchanger;

    checking the temperature of the perishable to be fumigated;

    determining the dosage of fumigant to be used in the fumigation process;

    closing and securing the doors of the refrigerated cargo container;

    releasing the fumigant required to fumigate through the gas introduction hose into said container;

    checking with a gas or a halide detector the outside of said container for any fumigant leaks;

    if leaks are discovered, then sealing the areas of said container found to have leaks with a means for sealing the areas found to have leaks;

    re-checking with the gas or the halide detector the areas of the container that were discovered to have leaks;

    if leaks are controlled, then conducting the fumigation process; and

    lastly, aerating the perishable fumigated for the required amount of time needed to clear the container of the fumigant used in the fumigation process.

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