Internet online backup system provides remote storage for customers using IDs and passwords which were interactively established when signing up for backup services

  • US 6,411,943 B1
  • Filed: 08/24/2000
  • Issued: 06/25/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/04/1993
  • Status: Expired due to Fees
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1. A method of providing an offsite backup, restore and/or archiving data storage service to customers over the Internet by making backup and/or archival data storage provided by an online service provider available and accessible to the customers'"'"' computing devices via an Internet connection for use in backing up, archiving and/or restoring data from and/or to data storage local to or disposed within said customers'"'"' computing devices, the method comprising the following steps:

  • (a) establishing a customer relationship between a customer having a computing device and an online service provider providing an offsite data storage service accessible over the Internet for backup, restore and/or archiving, said online service provider registering a customer identifier based at least in part on a communication between said online service provider and said customer;

    (b) establishing an Internet link between the customer'"'"'s computing device and the online service provider;

    (c) validating the customer'"'"'s authority to access the data storage service provided by the online service provider;

    (d) making available, to the customer'"'"'s computing device via the Internet link, at least some data stored in the online service provider'"'"'s storage;

    (e) conditionally authorizing and/or restricting access by the customer'"'"'s computing device to the data stored in the online service provider storage;

    (f) receiving data sent by the customer'"'"'s computing device over the Internet link, and storing, for backup, restore and/or archival purposes, said data offsite in said service provider data storage;

    (g) logging at least one of (a) the customer'"'"'s access to the online service and (b) the customer'"'"'s use of the online service provider data storage; and

    (h) generating billing information based on at least one of (i) the relationship established in step (a), and (ii) the logging step (g).

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