Combination credenza and desk

  • US 6,422,668 B1
  • Filed: 10/26/1999
  • Issued: 07/23/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/14/1995
  • Status: Expired due to Fees
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1. A furniture unit providing a combination credenza and desk, comprising:

  • a stationary desk, the desk having a front, an opposing back, and two opposing ends, the desk having a desk top, the desk having first and second side panels that extend generally downward from the desk top toward a supporting floor, the first and second side panels being spaced apart from one another, whereby a kneehole opening is defined between the first and second side panels;

    a moveable return, the return having opposing inner and outer ends, the inner end being pivotally connected with the desk, the return comprising a vertical face panel and a work surface mounted at a rear side of the face panel, the return being pivotal between a closed position, wherein the return work surface is concealed behind the face panel under the desk top, and an open position, wherein the face panel extends outwardly from the front of the desk, adjacent a side of the kneehole opening in the desk, the face panel being configured so as to create an impression that the furniture unit is a credenza with no kneehole opening when the return is closed;

    a pivot member interposed between the desk and the return, whereby the return is pivotally connected with the desk, the pivot member being positioned forward of the back of the desk; and

    a storage space defined adjacent one of the two opposing side panels, at least a portion of the storage space extending rearward of the pivot member, the storage space being independent of the return, whereby the storage space does not pivot between the closed and open positions with the return, further the return work surface being interposed between the desk top and the storage space when the return is in the closed position.

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