Music game machine with selectable controller inputs

  • US 6,425,822 B1
  • Filed: 11/23/1999
  • Issued: 07/30/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/26/1998
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A game system, comprising:

  • a display device for displaying a game picture;

    an input unit having a plurality of operation members to be operated by a player for outputting a signal corresponding to an operation state of the operation members;

    a storage device for storing operation timing data which specifies operation timing in a game relating to a predetermined number of operated sections allocated to at least some of said plurality of operation members; and

    a game control unit for checking the output signal from said input unit and the data recorded in said storage device, and simultaneously executing the game according to a predetermined procedure on a screen of said display device, wherein said game control unit comprises;

    an operation instructing device for displaying on the screen of the displaying device during the game, an instruction image for instructing the player to operate each of the predetermined number of operated sections at timing defined by the operation timing data;

    a mode selecting device for selecting a first mode for setting a number of said operated sections used in the game to said predetermined number, or a second mode for limiting the number of the operated sections to a limited number smaller than the predetermined number according to an instruction from the player;

    an operation instruction limiting device for changing the instruction image displayed through the operation instructing device so as to instruct the player to operate only said limited number of operated sections, during in the second mode;

    an evaluating device for evaluating the operation by the player on said input unit performed in response to the instruction from said operation instructing device based on the operation timing data; and

    an evaluation informing device for informing the player of information relating to the evaluated result by said evaluating device.

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