Method of mixing viscous fluids

  • US 6,431,741 B2
  • Filed: 03/28/2001
  • Issued: 08/13/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/05/1995
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1. A method of mixing fluid comprising:

  • isolating a fluid to be mixed in a container, providing a mixing structure comprising a shaft, a support mounted to said shaft for rotation therewith, said shaft extending along an axis, a number of vanes mounted for rotation with said support and extending outwardly from said support generally parallel to said axis, said vanes having a length and a width, said length greater than said width, said vanes having an inner edge and an outer edge, said vanes having a top end and a bottom end, said top ends of said vanes arranged in a generally circular configuration and said bottom ends of said vanes arranged in a generally circular configuration, said vanes generally defining at least a portion of an interior area of said mixing device, said vanes spaced apart from one another and defining openings there between, said openings defining flow paths from said interior area to an area exterior to said mixing structure, which openings and flow paths are generally radially aligned with said axis;

    positioning said structure in said container containing fluid to be nixed; and

    rotating said mixing structures within said fluid within said container, drawing said fluid into said interior area, expelling said fluid radially outwardly at a high velocity through said radially aligned openings, dispersing solidified materials in said fluid moving at high radial velocity by impacting said solidified materials upon said inner edges of said vanes and trapping undispersed materials within said structure by lodging them between said vanes.

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