Method and apparatus for an automatic vehicle location, collision notification, and synthetic voice

  • US 6,442,485 B2
  • Filed: 07/23/2001
  • Issued: 08/27/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/10/1999
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1. An apparatus for automatic generation of geographical locations, the apparatus having a controller with a memory and a Global Positioning System transmitting navigational data, the memory having stored therein a plurality of data structures formulated into instruction modules to direct the functioning of the controller comprising:

  • a) an Incoming GPS Signal Interface receiving data from the Global Positioning System;

    b) a Signal Translator in communication with said Incoming GPS Signal Interface;

    c) said Signal Translator selectively transforming said Incoming GPS Signal Interface data into a GPS Navigation Data;

    d) a GPS File Name Developer deriving a predetermined code from the received Global Positioning System data;

    e) a GPS Navigation Record formed by said GPS Navigation Data having said predetermined code appended thereto;

    f) a selectively translated Navigation Location Record;

    g) a Location Comparator-Indicator Module receiving said GPS Navigation Record and said Navigation Location Record;

    h) a Navigational Location Indicator derived from said Location Comparator-Indicator Module'"'"'s comparison of said GPS Navigation Record and said Navigational Location Record;

    whereby said Navigational Location Indicator is stored in memory as the geographical location.

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