Probabilistic computing methods and apparatus

  • US 6,463,422 B1
  • Filed: 07/22/1997
  • Issued: 10/08/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/26/1994
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1. A nondeterministic logic circuit for generating random boolean values of one or more variables as a proposed solution to a computing problem expressed in conjunctive normal form as one more clauses in said one or more variables, the logic circuit comprising:

  • one nondeterministic logic element for generating a respective random boolean value for each one of the said one or more variables; and

    each nondeterministic logic element comprising;

    a cross-coupled pair of transistor inverter circuits;

    means for controlling power to the cross-coupled pair of transistor inverter circuits; and

    means for equalizing charge on the gates of the transistor inverter circuits while power is removed from the cross-coupled pair, thereby driving the cross-coupled pair to an unstable equilibrium, whereby intrinsic circuit noise will cause the cross-coupled pair to randomly assume one of two stable states when power is restored to the cross-coupled pair, the stable state assumed by the cross-coupled pair providing a probabilistically selected random boolean value and further comprising common synchronization means coupled to all of the nondeterministic logic elements for synchronizing operation of the nondeterministic logic elements.

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