Anti-rotational traffic channeling device

  • US 6,478,505 B1
  • Filed: 12/22/1999
  • Issued: 11/12/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/22/1998
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A traffic channeling device comprising:

  • a. a drum having a wall having an outside surface, an inside surface, and terminating at a lower end;

    b. a base extending from the drum lower end and having a top surface;

    c. two sets of two locator pins radially extending from the wall outside surface, wherein the locator pins of each set are vertically aligned and the two sets of two locator pins are disposed about the wall outside surface in a latitudinal arc of less than 180°


    d. one or more molded ribs attached to the wall outside surface for preventing the traffic channeling device from rotating relative to a rubber collar which may be disposed thereabout, each rib comprising;

    i. an exterior surface for contact with a rubber collar;

    ii. a back surface in contact with the wall outside surface;

    iii. a thickness between the exterior and back surfaces;

    iv. a top portion terminating in a tip, wherein the rib thickness diminishes toward the tip;

    v. a bottom surface that complements the base top surface;

    vi. rubber having at hardness of approximately 35 to 40 durometer; and

    vii. two cavities that complement a respective set of locator pins;

    e. recesses in the wall inside surface that respectively correspond to at least one of the locator pins; and

    f. a plurality of screws attaching the ribs to the wall, each screw having a head and body, wherein the screw head is disposed in a respective recess and the screw body extends from the screw head, through the wall, and into a respective rib, thereby attaching the one or more molded ribs to the wall outside surface.

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