Apparatus for changing speed of bicycles

  • US 6,478,711 B2
  • Filed: 12/13/2000
  • Issued: 11/12/2002
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/15/1999
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1. An apparatus for changing the speed of a bicycle having a rear driving wheel, the apparatus comprising:

  • a driven sprocket for receiving the driving force of a driving sprocket;

    a speed controlling portion, comprising;

    a carrier fixed to one side of the driven sprocket, a plurality of planetary gears within said carrier, each of said planetary gears having at least a first tooth portion and a second tooth portion;

    at least two sun gears, each having ratchet-teeth along its inner circumference, one of said sun gears being engageable with said first tooth portion of each of said planetary gears and a second of said sun gears being engageable with said second tooth portion on each of said planetary gears;

    a ring gear engageable with the planetary gears;

    an output portion, comprising;

    a hub shell for transferring the driving force to the rear wheel of the bicycle by means of the carrier and the ring gear;

    a clutch means, mounted between the carrier and hub shell and the ring gear and the hub shell to selectively mediate the driving force; and

    a speed-change controlling portion, comprising;

    a hub shaft having a pawl-positioning portion;

    at least two sets of pawls engageable with and releasable from the ratchet-teeth of the sun gears;

    a pawl-controlling ring for controlling the position of the pawls;

    a transforming disk having a groove along its outer circumference, and a hooking portion on said outer circumference, said hooking portion adapted to transform the position of the pawl-controlling ring through a mediating portion;

    a spring for restoring the position of the transforming disk to its original position; and

    a spacing portion enabling the transforming disk to rotate freely.

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