Carton with an improved dispensing feature

  • US 6,578,736 B2
  • Filed: 01/09/2001
  • Issued: 06/17/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/09/2001
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1. An enclosed carton for carrying a plurality of containers in two rows, with a top and a bottom row, with each container having a diameter, the carton having two ends, at least one of which is an exiting end capable of permitting containers to exit the carton one at a time, the carton comprising:

  • a. a bottom panel, top panel and foldably attached adjoining side panels;

    b. said exiting end having a bottom end flap with a height that is less than the diameter of a container to be contained in the bottom row and which is attached by a fold line to the bottom panel, a top end flap foldably attached to the top panel, a side end flap foldably attached to each side panel, and means for attaching said flaps together to close the exiting end of the carton;

    c. said exiting end having a tear line for forming a container dispenser opening, said tear line extending through the top panel at a distance spaced from the exiting end and extending at an angle through each side panel towards the exiting end to the attachment of said side panel with a side end flap at a distance greater from the top panel than the bottom panel, with a fold line extending through each side end flap at a distance from the bottom panel approximately equal to the height of the bottom end flap, so that when the tear line is torn, a dispenser opening is formed for dispensing the containers, with the dispenser remaining attached to the carton by the fold line through each side end flap, so that the bottom end flap and a portion of each side end flap adjacent to the bottom end flap remain attached to the carton to provide structural integrity to the carton, said dispenser forming a basket for catching containers exiting the carton; and

    d. means for closing any end of the carton that is not an exiting end.

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