Method and apparatus for transportation of data over a managed wireless network using unique communication protocol

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  • Filed: 08/24/1999
  • Issued: 07/01/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/22/1999
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1. Apparatus for transmission in a system including a signal path having an upstream server terminal and a downstream Remote terminal of proprietary host language protocol, comprising:

  • a) a signal chain including;

    b) a server terminal controller downstream of and in signal communication with the server terminal;

    c) a Remote terminal controller upstream of and in signal communication with the Remote Terminal;

    each terminal controller having a terminal side and a interchange side of its signal chain;

    d) a signal transmission carrier of different protocol than the proprietary host language between the Server terminal controller and the Remote terminal controller;

    e) each terminal controller having a terminal side with paired Com and Channel Objects communicating with one of the Remote Terminal or server terminal, and a interchange side having a plurality of Channel Objects communicating with a Com Object dedicated to each signal carrier protocol;

    f) each terminal controller having a Channel Management Object interfacing between the terminal side paired Com and Channel Objects and the interchange side plurality of Channel Objects;

    g) the Server and Remote terminal controller interchange side Com Objects interfacing with the plurality of signal transmission carriers;

    h) the terminal side of Com Objects doing protocol translation, including adding/subtracting terminal communications headers, and message packetization and encryption between the Remote terminal and the Remote terminal controller, and between the Server and the Server terminal controller, and the terminal side Com Objects monitoring their connection to the terminals;

    i) the interchange side Com Objects acting to mux/demux messages intended for the terminal controllers or their associated system terminals, or both, and adding or subtracting signal carrier protocol;

    j) the channel objects monitoring message transmission/failure activity and acting as gates in the signal chain and having multiple operational states including;


    two transitional states;

    OPENING and CLOSING; and

    the interchange side channels adding/subtracting terminal controller protocol message headers, timing message transmissions, issuing resend requests, assembling and acknowledging received messages; and

    controlling state changes within the channel;

    k) the Channel Management Object polling and monitoring the Channel Object states and assigning them to carry messages to said states, and propagating said state changes along said signal path.

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