Irrigation sprinkler unit and method of irrigation

  • US 6,601,775 B2
  • Filed: 04/18/2002
  • Issued: 08/05/2003
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/18/1998
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1. A stripwise method of irrigation, comprising the steps:

  • a) providing a flexible ground-engaging conduit having a supply end and an opposing end, the supply end being fixed to a water main riser, the conduit having a sprinkler section to which a plurality of sprinklers are fixed at intervals along the length thereof between the opposing end and an intermediate point on the conduit;

    each sprinkler being fixed to a device for protecting and supporting the sprinkler, each said device having a ground-engaging base for maintaining the sprinkler upright relative to a supporting surface;

    the conduit further having a continuous section extending from the intermediate point to the supply end, the sprinklers providing an irrigation spray pattern extending over a continuous strip elongated in the direction of the line of the hose and extending substantially symmetrically thereabout;

    b) positioning the sprinkler section for irrigation of a first strip of a tract to be irrigated;

    c) supplying water to the conduit to irrigate the first strip;

    d) drawing the conduit across the ground by means of a vehicle connected to the opposing end to irrigate a subsequent strip, such that each subsequent strip is substantially parallel to and contiguous with the first strip and thereby increases a cumulative irrigated area, whereby the intermediate point is maintained within a circular area centred upon the riser and having a radius equal to the length of the continuous section;

    e) supplying water to the conduit to irrigate each subsequent strip, and f) repeating steps d) and e) until the cumulative irrigated area covers the tract.

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