Steering wheel lock

  • US 6,694,784 B2
  • Filed: 12/04/2000
  • Issued: 02/24/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/20/1988
  • Status: Expired due to Fees
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1. An anti-theft device to be mounted in the driver compartment of a motor vehicle with fixed surfaces defining the interior of said compartment and on an element that must be manually manipulated during driving of such vehicle, said anti-theft device having an expanded locked configuration capturing said device on said element and a collapsed unlocked configuration, releasable from said element and removable as a unit from said compartment, said device comprising:

  • an elongated tubular member having an elongated passageway extending along an axis therethrough, said tubular member having a first outwardly extending end adapted to physically engage at least one of said fixed surfaces to limit rotation of said device when said device is in said expanded locked configuration on said element and an inner end where said inner end is spaced from said first end in a given direction;

    a rod member having an elongated rod adapted to extend in a telescopic manner within said passageway of said tubular member and a hook secured to one end of said rod, said hook having an opening facing in said given direction away from said first end of said tubular member and adapted to engage and capture said manipulated element when said anti-theft device is captured on said element by manually retracting said rod member from said elongated tubular member placing said device in said expanded locked configuration;

    a plurality of spaced annular grooves found in said rod, each of which include a vertical side wall and a frusto conical side wall sloping from said vertical side wall toward away from said from said first end of said elongated member;

    a housing firmly formed around said second end of said tubular member with said elongated passageway of said tubular member extending therethrough;

    a lock having a locking member extending downwardly;

    means offset with respect to the axis of the tubular member and in said housing for firmly receiving said lock;

    a transverse passageway transversely formed in said housing and interconnecting said elongated passageway in said tubular member;

    rod-like bearing means slidably accommodated in the transverse passageway and having a pawl attached to an end thereof and arranged to be activated between a locking position with the pawl protruding into said elongated passageway to contact said vertical side wall of one of said grooves and an unlocking position with said pawl withdrawn from said elongated passageway, said bearing means further including a recess to receive said locking member and control the position of said pawl in a locking position or unlocking position; and

    , a spring disposed in said transverse passageway and biasing said rod-like bearing means toward said passageway in said tubular member.

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