Digital signatures on a Smartcard

  • US 6,704,870 B2
  • Filed: 08/29/2001
  • Issued: 03/09/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/16/1996
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A method of generating a signature on a message m in an elliptic curve cryptographic system having a seed point P on an elliptic curve of order e over a finite field, said method comprising the steps of:

  • i) selecting as a session key an integer k and computing representation of a corresponding point kP;

    ii) deriving from said representation a first signature component, r, independent of said message,m;

    iii) combining said first signature component, r, with a private key, a, a value derived from said message, m, and said session key, k, to obtain a second 10 signature component, s, containing said private key, a, and said session key, k, such that extraction of either is inhibited even when said signature components, r,s, are made public; and

    iv) utilizing said signature components r,s, in the signature of the message, m.

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