Computer interface method and apparatus with portable network organization system and targeted advertising

  • US 6,771,290 B1
  • Filed: 04/11/2001
  • Issued: 08/03/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/17/1998
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1. A computer-readable memory for use by a client computer to provide a user of the computer with an integrated, customized, graphical user interface to a plurality of computer resources, the computer-readable memory comprising:

  • a non-volatile data storage device;

    a program stored on said non-volatile data storage device in a computer-readable format;

    said program being operable upon execution to display a graphical user interface comprising an application window separated into a number of regions, a first one of said regions including a number of graphical objects, at least some of which are each representative of a different software application and are selectable by the user via an input device, wherein said program is operable upon selection of one of said graphical objects to initiate execution of the software application associated therewith;

    a second one of said regions including a number of user-selectable items, at least some of which are each associated with a different data set, said data sets each comprising a number of links to different information resources, wherein said program is operable in response to selection of at least one of said items to provide the user with access to its associated data set;

    said program including a login module that is operable upon execution to identify the user of the computer; and

    said program being operable following execution of said login module to provide an identification of the user to the server and to receive from the server a user profile containing one or more user data sets and user links to information resources, with said program further being operable to display in one of said regions a user-selectable item for each of said user data sets and each of said user links.

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