LED lighting assembly

  • US 6,827,468 B2
  • Filed: 12/10/2002
  • Issued: 12/07/2004
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/10/2001
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A light emitting diode assembly comprising:

  • a light emitting diode having a front luminescent portion and a mounting base, said mounting base having a heat transfer plate on a rear surface thereof and a first and second contact lead extending from the sides thereof;

    an interior mounting die, said interior die being electrically conductive and thermally conductive, said interior die having a recess in a first and thereof configured to frictionally receive and retain said mounting base of said light emitting diode, wherein said heat transfer plate is in thermal communication with said interior die and said first contact lead is in electrical communication with said interior die, said interior die having a channel in one side thereof extending from said recess is said first end of said interior die to a second end of said interior die opposite said first end, said second contact lead of said diode extending into said channel; and

    an exterior enclosure, said exterior enclosure being electrically conductive and thermally conductive, said enclosure having a tubular outer wall and a front wall with an aperture therein, said outer wall and said front wait cooperating to form a cavity for receiving said interior mounting die, wherein said luminescent portion of said light emitting diode extends through said aperture in said front well, said interior die being in thermal and electrical communication with said exterior enclosure.

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