Grip extender for handgun

  • US 6,928,764 B2
  • Filed: 03/08/2003
  • Issued: 08/16/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/05/2000
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1. A grip extender in combination with a handgun comprising:

  • a handgun using a variety of different model magazines, a grip extender with symmetrical interior side walls, an exterior front wall configured to a user'"'"'s grip, and a rear wall, for use with the handgun magazine to fill a gap between the magazine and the handgun, with said magazine having an open top for loading ammunition cartridges and a closed bottom for containing said ammunition cartridges, said closed bottom ending in a floor plate, of determinable thickness, with a lower surface and an upper surface, with said floor plate also having a peripheral surface larger than a peripheral surface of a corresponding body of the magazine, said grip extender further comprising;

    a) a one-piece collar slideably mounted from the open top of said magazine and subsequently seated at the closed bottom of said magazine thereby substantially filling any gap resulting from a length of the magazine protruding from a handgun when said magazine is engaged into said handgun, said collar having a size and shape sufficient to elastically receive and grip the magazine and magazine floor plate thereby securely retaining the collar and having at least one pair of opposed tangs oriented inward from the interior side walls of the collar; and

    b) further comprising at least one pair of opposed ribs, said ribs oriented inward from the interior side walls of the collar, with a bottom shoulder of said ribs distanced above the tangs, said distance approximately equal the determinable thickness of the magazine floor plate; and

    c) when sliding the grip extender into its final position on the magazine, a step of the said tangs engages the lower surface of the floor plate and captures the corresponding upper surface of floor plate against said the bottom shoulders of the opposed ribs.

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