Adaptive omni-modal radio apparatus and methods

  • US 6,934,558 B1
  • Filed: 09/28/2000
  • Issued: 08/23/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/15/1993
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1. A multi-modal device for facilitating wireless communication over any one of a plurality of wireless communication networks at least some of which may be available and operating at a given time and location using differing radio frequency modulation protocols and over differing radio frequencies, comprisinga frequency agile radio transceiver capable of operating at any frequency or frequencies appropriate for each of the plurality of wireless communication networks, said frequency or frequencies selected in response to a frequency control signal;

  • an interface circuit for interconnecting said frequency agile radio transceiver with an external signal circuit to allow signal information to be sent and received over said frequency agile radio transceiver;

    a protocol agile operating circuit for operating said frequency agile radio transceiver and said interface circuit in accordance with any one modulation protocol of a plurality of modulation protocols, said one modulation protocol selected in response to a protocol control signal;

    adaptive control circuit for determining which wireless communications networks are available at a given location and time, for accessing a selected wireless communication network, and for generating the frequency control signal and the protocol control signal in response to a user defined individual priority to cause the device to communicate with the selected wireless communication network using the frequencies and modulation protocol suitable for transmission of said signal information over said selected wireless communication network; and

    input means for receiving and storing the user defined individual priority for selecting among the plurality of wireless communication networks and for allowing subsequent changes by the user of the stored user defined individual priority whenever desired by the user, said user defined individual priority defining which one of the wireless communication networks is accessed among the wireless communication networks that are determined by said adaptive control circuit to be available;

    wherein said adaptive control circuit operates to generate said frequency control signal and said protocol control signal appropriate for the wireless communication network that is determined by said adaptive control means to be available and satisfies said user defined individual priority.

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