Data compaction method for an intermediate object code program executable in an onboard system provided with data processing resources and corresponding onboard system with multiple applications

  • US 6,952,820 B1
  • Filed: 11/04/1999
  • Issued: 10/04/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/06/1998
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A method of compacting an intermediate program comprising a sequence of standard instructions, used in an on-board system, said on-board system being provided with a memory and a program language interpreter capable of turning the intermediate program into instructions of an object code that can be run by a microprocessor through said interpreter, said method comprising the steps of:

  • a) searching through said intermediate program for identical sequences of successive standard instructions,b) subjecting said identical sequences of successive instructions to a comparison test to find a function, based on at least the number of occurrences of these sequences in said intermediate program, that is higher than a reference value, 

    and, if the test returns a positive response, for each identical sequence of successive standard instructions which satisfies said test step,c) generating a new specific instruction by defining a specific operating code and associating said specific operating code with the sequence of successive standard instructions which satisfied said test,d) replacing each occurrence of each sequence of standard successive instructions in said intermediate program with said specific operating code associated with it to obtain a compacted intermediate program, consisting of a series of standard instructions and specific operating codes, ande) storing in said memory an execution table which enables a reciprocal link to be established between each specific operating code inserted and the sequence of successive standard instructions associated with said specific operating code, 

    thereby enabling the memory space occupied by said compacted intermediate program to be optimized by storing only one occurrence of said identical sequences of successive standard instructions in said memory.

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