Method and device for automatic visual perception

  • US 6,959,293 B2
  • Filed: 02/23/2001
  • Issued: 10/25/2005
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/24/2000
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1. A visual perception processor for automatically detecting an event occurring in a multidimensional space (i, j) evolving over time with respect to at least one digitized parameter in the form of a digital signal on a data bus, said digital signal being in the form of a succession aijT of binary numbers associated with synchronization signals enabling to define a given instant (T) of the multidimensional space and the position (i, j) in this space, the visual perception processor comprising:

  • the data bus;

    a control unit a time coincidences bus carrying at least a time coincidence signal; and

    at least two histogram calculation units for the treatment of the at least one parameter, the histogram calculation units being configured to form a histogram representative of the parameter as a function of a validation signal and to determine by classification a binary classification signal resulting from a comparison of the parameter and a selection criterion C, wherein the classification signal is sent to the time coincidences bus, and wherein the validation signal is produced from time coincidences signals from the time coincidence bus so that the calculation of the histogram depends on the classification signals carried by the time coincidence bus.

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