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  • Filed: 09/10/2004
  • Issued: 01/03/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/17/1998
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1. For use in a mobile data network environment comprising a packet switched data network, one or more network servers, a plurality of broadcast domain entities that are respectively coupled via respective network connections to the packet switched data network, and a plurality of mobile units, wherein each broadcast domain entity provides low power bi-directional wireless local area network access connectivity in a respective local coverage area to provide service to local users who may be present in the respective local coverage area and who carry respective ones of the mobile units, wherein a particular one of the mobile units comprises a processor, a memory, a user interface, and an air interface comprising a wireless transmitter, a wireless receiver, and a protocol stack adapted to process wireless local area network packet data transactions, wherein a particular user operates the particular mobile, unit and wherein the particular mobile unit is in communication with a particular broadcast domain entity when the particular mobile unit is located in a coverage area of the particular broadcast domain entity, a method comprising:

  • receiving a user interest indication associated with the particular user, wherein the user interest indication identifies one or more user preferences used to determine one or more types of content the user desires to receive via one or more unsolicited pushed messages at the particular mobile unit;

    receiving via the packet switched data network information associated with a wireless communication interaction between the particular mobile unit and the particular broadcast domain entity, and based upon the information, associating the location of the particular user with a geographical location associated with the particular broadcast domain entity;

    causing a search to be performed over a plurality of sets of content to identify, if present, a resulting content that is categorized according to the user interest indication and is associated with a point of presence located in a vicinity of the particular local broadcast domain entity; and

    causing information relating to the resulting content to be coupled via the packet switched data network to the particular broadcast domain entity so that the particular broadcast domain entity can wirelessly transmit the one or more unsolicited pushed messages using packet headers addressed to the particular mobile unit to automatically notify the particular mobile unit about the resulting content without the need to continuously maintain an active client-server session between a network server of the one or more network servers and the particular mobile unit between a first time when the user interest indication is received and a second time when the particular mobile unit receives the one or more unsolicited pushed messages.

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