Graphical device for comprehensive viewing and input of variable data via a browser-based display

  • US 7,080,325 B2
  • Filed: 02/22/2002
  • Issued: 07/18/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/22/2002
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A data input method comprising:

  • in a mark-up language-based browser in a user'"'"'s computer, generating and displaying on a display screen a graphical input device, the graphical input device being associated with an input parameter and having a displayed data entry field of a first display width;

    associating a current set of user-selectable choices with the graphical input device, each user-selectable choice having at least one pair of information fields separated by a delimiter and each information field comprising sequentially ordered characters;

    sensing user selection of the graphical input device;

    upon sensing user selection of the graphical input device, displaying on the screen a list of the user-selectable choices, the list having a second display width;

    by executing a script locally, within the user'"'"'s computer, automatically and dynamically determining a minimum display width necessary to make visible a widest one of the user-selectable choices and automatically setting the second display width to be at least as great as the minimum display width, whereby the second display width is a function of the choices in the current set and is expandable relative to the first display width;

    associating with the graphical input device at least one acceptance action;

    sensing user entry of a character sequence comprising at least one character;

    sequentially and character-by-character searching of at least an initial information field for each of the user-selectable choices according to each user-entered character;

    for each character sequence of at least one user-entered character that matches a corresponding character sequence in the initial information field of at least one user-selectable choice, highlighting at least one of the matching choices for the user;

    if no initial information field of the user-selectable choices has a character sequence matching the user-entered character sequence, highlighting for the user at least One user-selectable choice in a different information field whose initial characters match the user-entered character sequence; and

    upon sensing any acceptance action by the user, setting the input parameter of the graphical input device to the currently highlighted user-selectable choice.

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