Golf round data system with cellular telephone and player help features

  • US 7,121,962 B2
  • Filed: 12/19/2000
  • Issued: 10/17/2006
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/19/2000
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A portable golf round data system comprising:

  • (a) a radiolocation receiver to receive at least one external locating signal from which a user'"'"'s current location on a golf course can be determined;

    (b) data storage in a data collection unit for storing golf course data relating to locations of one or more golf course features;

    (c) at least one processor in said data collection unit operatively connected to said radiolocation receiver and to said data storage, said processor programmed to;

    1) determine said user'"'"'s current location on said golf course from said external locating signal;

    2) determine a probable landing area of a golf ball as a result of the next stroke, said probable landing area comprising an area in which the golf ball is expected to land with a specified probability;

    3) dynamically generate a graphical view of a selected portion of said golf course based on said user'"'"'s current location and said golf course data, said dynamically generated view including a selected portion of the golf course and a visual indication representing the probable landing area of the golf ball; and

    (d) a graphic display to display said graphical view of said selected portion of said golf course.

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