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  • Filed: 07/14/2003
  • Issued: 04/24/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/25/1999
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1. A medical cooling system comprising:

  • a coolant supply unit, and a medical device having distal and proximal ends;

    a first cooling system directing coolant from the coolant supply unit to the medical device at a first temperature along a coolant supply line through a connection point on the proximal end of the medical device, wherein the first cooling system includes a coolant return line leading from the medical device to a coolant scavenging system, and wherein the first cooling system and the medical device comprise a substantially open-loop;

    a second cooling system chilling the coolant within a portion of the coolant supply line upstream of the connection point to a temperature below the first temperature, the second cooling system including an enclosure having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, the enclosure defining a fluid path from the inlet to the outlet, the enclosure enveloping the portion of the coolant supply line of the first cooling system, wherein the enclosure is disposed in a system component external to the coolant supply unit;

    a compressor in fluid communication with a condenser outputting coolant to the inlet of the enclosure and receiving coolant from the outlet of the enclosure; and

    a programmable controller, the programmable controller being connected to the medical device at the connection point, the programmable controller being in communication with at least one distal sensor in the medical device and coupled to a first valve in the first cooling system, the programmable controller controlling the flow of coolant through the first path to regulate the cooling power of the medical device, wherein the at least one distal sensor is in thermal communication with tissue to be treated to detect the temperature of the tissue to be treated proximate the medical device.

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