Limb encircling therapeutic compression device

  • US 7,329,232 B2
  • Filed: 02/27/2004
  • Issued: 02/12/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/27/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A flat garment for applying compression to a body part, said garment comprising:

  • a. a flat central region having inner and outer surfaces, said central region comprising substantially inelastic material, and lateral regions disposed on opposite sides of the central region;

    b. a plurality of bands extending from lateral margins disposed at opposite side edges of said opposite lateral regions, wherein the bands extending from the opposite lateral regions are juxtaposed to pass between one another and fasten onto the flat central region of the garment, each of said bands comprisingi. a planar distal regionii. proximal and distal edges, wherein one or both edges comprise a curve or indentation,iii. inner and outer surfaces,iv. a fastener for detachably securing said distal region to a band extending from the opposite lateral region or to the opposite lateral or central region so as to encircle the body part and to draw the first lateral region toward the second longitudinal edge to stretch the central region and thereby provide a tension in the garment that will compress the body part.

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