Archiving and viewing sports events via Internet

  • US 7,340,765 B2
  • Filed: 09/06/2005
  • Issued: 03/04/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/02/2003
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1. A self-help process of producing, storing, cataloging, and on-demand web casting of a multitude of minor-sport athletic events, each of which has a limited viewership but which in aggregate result in a significant volume of viewers, by self-help video production of a wide variety of minor-sport athletic events of interest to a wide number of groups of interested persons at each of a plurality of originating academic institutions, and of recording or storing, and processing and transmitting on demand the video recorded events to as wide as possible a field of subscribers, the athletic events being produced by respective ones of said originating academic institutions, and each event being categorized in an identifiable category of athletic events, wherein such minor-sport events are characterized by having an associated group of interested persons that is too small to support the cost producing a television broadcast of the event, and whereby each said originating academic institution needs only send in the recorded video production to a central clearing house and needs to take no further steps to make the video recordings ready for subscribers for access over a global computer network, the process comprising:

  • obtaining a video production of each of said minor-sport athletic events, by self-help, in-house capturing the event at said originating academic institution using at least one video camera and at least one microphone, such that the video productions each include at least one video channel and an audio channel;

    said originating academic institution transmitting said video productions to the central digital clearing house, the clearing house having a computer processor for digitally processing each said video production to prepare the video channel and audio channel thereof for digital storage and retransmission, a digital memory arrangement with capacity sufficient for storing a multiplicity of said video productions; and

    a web transmitter for transmitting the stored video productions of said minor-spot athletic events to said subscribers on demand;

    converting at said clearing house said video and audio channels of said video productions to a digital format suitable for webcasting, and storing same at storage locations on the associated digital memory arrangement;

    the step of converting including editing the content of said video production at said clearing house without involving the originating institution to render it suitable for digital storage and transmission to a subscriber;

    said clearing house creating a subscriber accessible catalog of the video productions stored in the memory arrangement at said clearing house, the catalog having categories including originating institution and type of event such that any said subscriber can select on each of said category of institution and type of event to select directly a particular event for viewing, by first selecting one of the category of originating institution and the category of type of sporting event, and then selecting from the other of said categories; and

    then selecting from a list of the sporting events of said type and of said originating institution;

    said clearing house providing to said wide field of subscribers digital access, via said global computer network, to the video recordings of the events as stored on the memory arrangement at said clearing house, including providing each said subscriber access via said global computer network to said catalog, permitting the subscriber to select from the categories of originating institution and type of event of said catalog, and permitting the subscriber to select a desired video production by pointing and selecting from the video productions within said categories; and

    said clearing house transmitting to said subscriber the selected video production over said global computer network.

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