Particle beam processing apparatus and materials treatable using the apparatus

  • US 7,348,580 B2
  • Filed: 10/27/2006
  • Issued: 03/25/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/05/1999
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A particle beam processing device that causes a chemical reaction on a substrate, comprising:

  • a power supply;

    a vacuum pump to create and maintain a vacuum environment in a vessel;

    a particle generating assembly located in a vacuum vessel and connected to the power supply operating at a first voltage of less than 125 kVolts, the particle generating assembly including at least one filament for generating a plurality of particles upon heating;

    a foil support assembly operating at a second voltage, which is higher than the first voltage, to permit at least a portion of said particles to travel from the first to the second voltage and exit the foil support assembly, the foil support assembly comprising a thin foil made of titanium or alloys thereof having a thickness of 10 micrometers or less; and

    a processing assembly for receiving said particles exiting the foil support assembly for use to cause said chemical reaction.

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