Methods for providing kidney dialysis equipment and services

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  • Filed: 06/13/2003
  • Issued: 04/01/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/19/1991
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1. A method for the use of a dialysis apparatus comprising:

  • providing a dialysis apparatus for use in dialysis to a consumer, the dialysis apparatus comprising a dialysate-delivery system for supplying dialysate to a dialyzer, the dialysate-delivery system comprising at least one unit selected from the group consisting of (i) a dialysate-preparation unit, (ii) a dialysate-circulation unit, (iii) an ultrafiltrate-removal unit, and (iv) a dialysate-monitoring unit; and

    a user/machine interface operably connected to the dialysate-delivery system, the user/machine interface comprising a touch screen that displays information corresponding to a setting of a parameter pertinent to operation of the dialysis apparatus, the touch screen being operable to display an indicium permitting the user to perform, using the touch screen, at least one step of a procedure for changing the setting of the parameter, and to display a time-variable profile of the operational parameter, the profile being representable as a plot of coordinates, the plot being with respect to an ordinate of values of the operational parameter and a time-based abscissa;

    distinguishing past from future time intervals of the operational parameter during treatment by coloring the past and future time intervals within the plot of the time-variable profile differently; and

    providing supplies that are useable with the dialysis apparatus to the consumer, the supplies including at least one of a dialyzer, a blood line, a syringe for withdrawing samples of dialysis solution from a dialysate line sample port, a syringe for a heparin pump, a hydrophobic transducer protector to place on pressure fittings, saline, a dialysate filter, dialysate concentrate, a drip chamber, a dialysate meter for testing dialysate, and a disinfectant.

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